Using installCore for Fried Cookie apps

Using installCore for Fried Cookie appsnew balance sale

Since our specialty lies in creating free software that’s both enjoyable and easy to use, we put a special emphasis on making our apps super easy to download and safe to install. After all, what use is a great app if people can’t install it?nike air max 90 womens

Here at Fried Cookie, there’s an app for everyone; from the fun and informative good weather (who said weather forecasts can’t be fun?), to the Privacy Agent software and browser RingTone Maker. We also offer a drag-and-drop Video Player, a Multi Clock desktop clock, among balance 606

With so many apps available to download, we need to make sure our users are actually receiving our software as promised. To ensure high quality installations of all our apps, we use installCore as the download manager for our desktop apps. We rely on installCore, the service that has over 2.5 billion successful downloads under its belt, to offer our users the best experience possible.

Managing Our Downloadsair jordan 19

Thanks to installCore’s robust installation engine, you can bid farewell to many points of failure that hinder the download experience. installCore’s installation success rate is over 30% higher than the industry competition. installCore’s software distribution services help us maintain a strong connection with our users even after they click ‘download’.

The installCore installer makes downloading safe, quick, and easy. It uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that offers instant accessibility from every corner of the globe. installCore’s delivery system provides a clean installation experience for our users, helping give reputability to our brand.stephen curry shoes 2014

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PPI and superTargeting

Another advantage Fried Cookie has when using installCore is the analytics that come included. This business intelligence platform is invaluable for monitoring downloads and tracking our eCPM. When a service has several pieces of software to keep track of, as Fried Cookie does, ongoing monitoring is a must to make sure that all goes smoothly.

Since we offer our software for free, we partner with installCore’s PPI program to monetize our downloads. They provide a high quality, high eCPM program that creates a steady revenue stream from our software.

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installCore is not the only installer that offers PPI on the market, but they are the most effective. Every software product that makes offers during our download has been chosen carefully by installCore’s Super Targeting system. This targeting technology is sophisticated and powerful enough to match users with software they are more likely to download.

installCore’s Super Targeting is also swift enough to adapt mid-installation to maximize the chance of additional downloads. installCore’s unique Flow Automator can sift through segmentation profiles and arrange the download offers to serve the most relevant software at just the right time. No other installer in the industry compares with the targeting and adaptive capabilities in installCore’s algorithms.air jordan brand

We are app developers, not advertisers; we don’t have the time or the resources for our own sales team or account managers. Our best option is to allow installCore to handle our product from delivery to monetization.

More About installCore

installCore is compliant with industry standards for security and privacy. Companies making use of its download manager can rest assured they meet the industry standards at all times. Software developers and publishers can have the peace of mind to do what they do best.

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The Basics.

Let’s take a step back. How excited are you about desktop applications and utility software? Your not? How can that be?
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Unless you’re like us and routinely Fried your Cookies in Home Ec class, you probably haven’t thought to much about that file extractor software you downloaded last week. Fried Cookie isn’t reinventing the wheel here, but we are changing some things up.
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“There were plenty of MP3 players before the iPod. But Steve Jobs invented an MP3 player with one button.” The Telegraph, 2011.
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Most restaurants won’t give away their secret ingredient. We won’t be so greedy and share the secret recipe that makes Fried Cookies apps so bite size & desirable.
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Starting with your basic, everyday utility software or desktop application that makes your life easier, helps clear history from your computer or makes your phone rock out to your favorite jams. Whatever it is, after some one downloads and uses it, they forget about it. Plus, it is easy to forget about a dull app that might have too many bells and whistles and looks like the next one on the app list.
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Now, the Fried Cookie approach is so take that helpful utility app, make it spiffy with some eye catching graphics, focus the purpose of the app to serve one purpose and do it well. And, to the thing to hold it all together is to deliver unparalleled user experience and service. There is nothing new about this, and heck, it’s fun to build a personality for each of these apps.
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“Software apps are trivial, not hard to do and they are all the same.” Dan Greenberg, The VP of Friend Cookie exclaimed. “The hard part is the user experience. It’s a must. We were inspired by mobile apps, with one function, keeping desktop software more minimalistic and changing the way users interact and think about desktop software.”
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The Fried Cookie team is made up of software and media enthusiasts, and we love the challenge of taking these everyday apps and turning them into something unique and well, bite sized.
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“Simple can be harder than complex.” - Steve Jobs

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Privacy Agent is on the loose!

Privacy Agent is the free software solution that enables you to enjoy the benefits of the Internet with the knowledge that your privacy is protected.

The advent and proliferation of the Internet has empowered people and led to positive developments in many facets of our lives. However, there has been a high price to pay for the benefits of the Internet – the degradation of our privacy.

Privacy Agent is the best free solution that I encountered

Whenever you visit a website, your browser receives a cookie to facilitate quicker loading things you’ve seen and done before. However, this cookie also enables your Internet surfing to be tracked.
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Privacy Agent works with all browsers to delete history of the websites you have visited. Whether you want to delete search history Firefox or clear browsing history Chrome; Privacy Agent does the job. Are you a Microsoft fan? Remove Internet history Internet Explorer with Privacy Agent.stephen curry game shoes nike free run all black

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RingTone Maker is the free ringtone maker software for Windows that enables you to quickly and easily make your own ringtone from your favorite song.
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Use RingTone Maker to make iPhone ringtone of any song and accurately select, with the ringtone cutter, exactly which part of the song to convert to a ringtone. Create ringtone for different phone types – iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and other phone types.
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